Can I go into teaching if my degree is not a National Curriculum subject?

  • For primary teaching, you teach across the whole National Curriculum and therefore your degree does not need to be a National Curriculum subject.
  • For secondary teaching, if you wish to teach a subject which differs from your degree then you need an ‘A’ level in that subject.

How do I get school experience and why is it necessary?

  • School experience is important to check that a teaching career is for you.  It will strengthen your application and provide you with invaluable insight into the role and responsibilities of a classroom teacher. Look at the ‘Events Information’ section of the website and book yourself onto one of our taster days. You will be able to work with staff and we welcome any questions you may have.

What shall I do if I studied abroad?

  • If any of your qualifications are not from a UK institution then you must ask NARIC for an equivalency statement to ensure your qualifications meet our entry requirements.

Do I choose my placement school?

  • When organising placements we will certainly take individual requests into consideration.  However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate this.