Teaching Grammar

Here are 9 top tips for teaching pupils with special educational needs and disabilities:

  1. Start with spoken language – we want to be understood!
  2. Centre grammar around a text – let children discover aspects within their reading.
  3. Encourage investigation and thought – “why did the author write like that?”
  4. Teach explicitly when you need to.
  5. Know the curriculum – what is relevant for your year group and what foundations is it built on?
  6. Allow pupils time to experiment and try out new knowledge in their writing.
  7. Challenge students to think like a reader as well as a writer.
  8. Remind children that writing is full of choices, e.g. a carefully chosen noun could be more impactive than a noun with two modifiers.
  9. Use correct terminology consistently across the curriculum to embed meaning.

See The InfographicTeaching Grammar in Primary Schools

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