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Last month we once again welcomed an enthusiastic and committed group of trainee teachers onto our popular and successful teacher training programme.  The trainees have had a busy few weeks getting settled into their new schools and following a packed programme of lectures and seminars. We decided to catch up with them and get their impressions of those exciting first few weeks in their teaching careers.


At BEC Teacher Training we always guarantee that you’ll be immersed in school life from the very beginning of your training and Emma told us this is an aspect of the course she really appreciates. “I’m enjoying learning on the job” , she says “it feels less daunting being in the environment of school from the get-go”. Abby told us she also really relishes the centre-based lectures which complement that all-important school experience: “I’ve really enjoyed being challenged and academically stimulated” she commented. Although they are only a few weeks into the course, trainees have already enjoyed seminars on subjects as diverse as the purposes of education, practical lesson planning, building relationships to ensure good behaviour and how to safeguard children in school. Craig agrees that the weekly lectures and seminars are “informative and engaging” and he praises the fact that the expert tutors  “have different teaching styles” which keeps the course varied and interesting. Kayleigh is also impressed with the quality of the lectures: “The tutors are really knowledgeable and passionate about education” she told us. Andy agrees: “I feel constantly involved and engaged,” he says, and everyone is “very welcoming”.


The weekly centre-based sessions help trainees to understand what they see in their school placement and build their knowledge so they can begin their own teaching practice with confidence. It’s exactly this, the way the course has been designed to ensure lectures, seminars and reading perfectly complement the school experience, that appeals to Kate:  “I’ve enjoyed being in school and seeing the theory in action – it’s as if the things I’m reading in educational texts are coming alive” she says.


Like many trainees, Kirsty is also impressed with the level of personal pastoral support offered. “Everyone from my colleagues to the tutors has been kind and approachable,” she told us. Connor agrees with her: “The course is challenging”, he says” but very rewarding! It’s a very supportive environment”. Elisha couldn’t agree more: “I was nervous about entering the classroom”, she told the BEC Teacher Training team, “but all my mentors and training sessions showed me there is nothing to be scared about. We went at my own pace and I started to develop confidence one step at a time”.


Carmen also agrees that levels of support and the open-door policy of the course tutors are vital, and she also feels that the good organisation and communication by the BEC Teacher Training team make managing the workload easier. Patrick agrees with her: “The standards are high”, he tells us, “but you have the necessary support to reach them”.


Trainee Teachers learn about behaviour

Trainee Teachers at BECTT enjoy an inspirational seminar on Behaviour Management led by Robin Launder

We’re pleased that our new trainees are finding their lectures informative, their school experience stimulating and the BEC team supportive, and we’re looking forward to working with them as they gradually increase their teaching and build their skills over the next few months. We’re passionate about training the next generation of inspirational teachers, so perhaps we should leave the last words to Claudio: “BEC Teacher Training shares my moral and ethical values” he tells us, “by making education accessible to everyone”.


Are you thinking about teacher training? We’d love to hear from you if you are. We are recruiting now for September 2022. Contact [email protected]  or visit our main website BEC Teacher Training