school students learn music

Share Your Passion for Music! Become a Music Teacher

If you become a music teacher in a secondary school you have a unique opportunity to inspire young musicians and to give young people a lifelong love of music. Here at BEC Teacher Training we see the amazing results every day, so we decided to find out why becoming a music teacher is so rewarding.…

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teacher has brilliant career

My Brilliant Teaching Career

Do you want a brilliant teaching career? We may be able to help. Here at Billericay Scitt our teacher training gives you the very best start in the profession, and we keep in touch to make sure all our former trainees are progressing well in their teaching careers. Although this year has been a challenging…

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Lake Wanaka where Pat decided to train to become a teacher

Why I Left Journalism to become a Teacher

At Billericay SCITT we know many people who are asking themselves whether to make the career change and train to become a teacher. Here Essex based History teacher Pat John shares with us his personal journey into teaching and his reflections on the satisfaction his change of career has brought him.   Shortly after getting…

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Teacher broadens students' horizons in Mongolia

Is Teaching an Exciting Job? We Certainly Think So!

Do you ever feel bored or dissatisfied with your job? Are you looking for some excitement after graduating? Why not teach in Essex? When we at Billericay SCITT ask local teachers why teaching is such a exciting job, many of them tell us it’s the variety they enjoy,  and the opportunity to provide young people…

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Get Into Teaching

Why Did I Get Into Teaching? Real Life Accounts of Teachers

Have you ever thought about changing career and getting into teaching? Here at Billericay SCITT we find it’s an increasingly popular choice, so we decided to contact some recent career changers to discover why they made the move and how it’s worked out for them. Our first conversation was with Emily, who gave up a…

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teacher training provider

Choosing the Right Teacher Training Provider

Do you have a dream of becoming a teacher? Teaching can be a very rewarding career. If you’re reading this, you probably have some questions as to how to get started. In addition to attaining a certain level of education, you will need to undergo dedicated teacher training. One of the first decisions you will…

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essex teacher training

Essex Teacher Training – How to Become a Teacher

Wondering how to become a teacher? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We offer teacher training in Essex. At Billericay SCITT we offer 4 routes into teaching, here are some steps to help you start your journey. 1. Initial Requirements In order for you to train to become a teacher, there are some initial…

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become a teacher

Why Do People Become a Teacher?

While a good pay and summer vacations are great incentives for you to become a teacher, if you ask anyone that already has a career in education they will likely share deeper and more personal reasons that made them love the job they do. One thing is almost certain though- those ‘personal’ reasons will likely…

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teaching assistant

6 Top Tips For Working With A Teaching Assistant

The Learning Support Assistant (LSA) / Teaching Assistant (TA) is the most expensive resource in the classroom, apart from you of course! It is therefore really important that if you are lucky enough to have one in a class with you, that you deploy them effectively. (Teaching standards 5 and 8) Here are 6 top…

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