trainee teachers

Primary School Trainee Teachers Make Beautiful Music

Trainee primary teachers soon realise that music is the golden thread running through the curriculum, but along with that realisation, there is often some nervousness about their own ability to deliver music lessons. So BEC Teacher Training primary trainees were excited to get the opportunity to attend a workshop with primary music expert Andrea Blackwood…

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training teacher

A Great Start to Teacher Training

Last month we once again welcomed an enthusiastic and committed group of trainee teachers onto our popular and successful teacher training programme.  The trainees have had a busy few weeks getting settled into their new schools and following a packed programme of lectures and seminars. We decided to catch up with them and get their…

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teaching history

5 Top Tips For Teaching History

Here are 5 top tips for teaching History: Don’t be afraid to explain what history education is all about! History as a subject exists on two separate planes. For most people teaching history is about focusing on past people and events, a passing on of traditions from one generation to the next, and the notion…

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teaching science

5 Top Tips For Teaching Science

Here are 5 top tips for teaching Science: 1. Always practice demonstrations and experiments thoroughly before the lesson (rehearse what you will say – science, questions and safety). 2. Be clear and consistent with scientific language to eliminate misconceptions (measure the mass of the cube not the weight of the cube on a balance). 3.…

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teaching drama

5 Top Tips For Teaching Drama

Here are 5 top tips for teaching Drama: 1. Make sure you position yourself in the classroom so that you have a clear view of the students at all times. With students moving around a comparatively large space, you need to be alert to potential accidents. 2. Arm yourself with drama games as starter activities…

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Train to teach English to inspire a love of literature

Train to Teach English and Open Up a New World to Students

Could you train to teach English? Have you got what it takes to become a truly inspirational English teacher? At BEC Teacher Training we know that English is one of the most important and complex subjects taught in secondary school, and we see how our trainee teachers relish the opportunity to expand the students’ horizons, …

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school students learn music

Share Your Passion for Music! Become a Music Teacher

If you become a music teacher in a secondary school you have a unique opportunity to inspire young musicians and to give young people a lifelong love of music. Here at BEC Teacher Training, we see amazing results every day, so we decided to find out why becoming a music teacher is so rewarding. ‘Music…

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teacher has brilliant career

My Brilliant Teaching Career

Do you want a brilliant teaching career? We may be able to help. Here at BEC Teacher Training, our course gives you the very best start in the profession, and we keep in touch to make sure all our former trainees are progressing well in their teaching careers. Although this year has been a challenging…

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Lake Wanaka where Pat decided to train to become a teacher

Why I Left Journalism to become a Teacher

At BEC Teacher Training we know many people who are asking themselves whether to make the career change and train to become a teacher. Here Essex based History teacher Pat John shares with us his personal journey into teaching and his reflections on the satisfaction his change of career has brought him.   Shortly after…

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