Primary School Child

Here are 10 top tips for teaching pupils with special educational needs and disabilities:

  1. Know the details of any Pupil Passport, One Plan or Provision Map to ensure planning is in line with provision requirements.
  2. Assess the classroom layout to ensure the pupil is optimally placed.
  3. Carefully consider which pupils will offer a positive learning role model and place nearby.
  4. Limit extraneous stimuli which may distract and over-excite the senses.
  5. Break down instructions into small manageable tasks.
  6. Provide visual and/or written prompts to support independent task completion.
  7. Always build in success and praise achievement appropriately.
  8. Give a pupil with a SEND responsibility for supporting the organisation of the whole class learning area.
  9. Listen to the ‘voice’ of a pupil with a SEND to gather valuable feedback on their opinion about what works well and what could be improved in their learning.
  10. Remember that a pupil with a disability may be entitled to a ‘reasonable adjustment’ in the learning environment, to fully access the curriculum.

See The Infographic10 Tips for teaching special educational needs (SEN) students

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